WATCH OUT FOR FLYING KIDS Social Justice Award Winner!

Watch Out For Flying Kids by Cynthia Levinson  is not just a book about being a kid in a circus and flying through the air, trusting that someone on another trapeze will reach out and catch you, this book is about how two circuses, two countries, and nine kids confront conflict and build community.  A full review of this book and several others can be found at The Pirate Tree blog, August 2015, by Lynn Miller-Lachman.Watch-Out-for-Flying-Kids-jacket-250x264

What is this book about?  The circus, yes.  Kids, yes.  But ideas and experiences much bigger.  From the book’s prologue – this book is about “Repairing the world through circus.”

Circus is “a compulsion to like to do crazy things, to push the boundaries of what is humanly possible.” Laura Ricci

Circus is a big tent. That doesn’t mean that circuses always perform in tents. But wherever circuses perform, they encompass worlds:

~ a world of tricks, from pratfalls to flying

~ a world of feelings, from fun to fear and back again

~ a world of troupers from around the globe

~ a world so thoroughly entrancing that circus creates its own universe.

Watch Out for Flying Kids spotlights a little-known corner of this universe: youth social circus. This is a book worth reading and sharing – discussing – with family, friends or students. Learn more about the new Social Justice Award at:  ‪#‎WatchOutforFlyingKids‬:has won the International Literacy Association’s 2016 Social Justice Literature Award in the nonfiction category! The Social Justice Literature Award seeks to recognize outstanding books that address social responsibility towards individuals, communities, societies and/or the environment and which invite reflection and socially responsible action by the reader.
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Also award-winners are Cynthia’s other informational books.  Take a look!Hillary-178x264



2 comments for “WATCH OUT FOR FLYING KIDS Social Justice Award Winner!

  1. June 18, 2016 at 11:21 am

    Congratulations to Cynthia for a well-deserved honor! I loved that book, a fact that should become clear from reading the review. We’ve Got a Job is a must-read as well.

  2. June 28, 2016 at 8:07 am

    Nancy, this is sooo kind of you to highlight WATCH OUT FOR FLYING KIDS! You, Lyn, Ann, Nancy, Varian, and the others (whom I haven’t had a chance to meet) increase social justice in the world through this blog. I’m deeply grateful.

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