A Gefilte Fishy Tale​


I thought a book titled A Gefilte Fishy Tale was going to be too lightweight for this blog, but this little book turned out to be a delight (and we are in the midst of a Jewish holiday season, after all). Told in rhyme by Allison and Wayne Marks, it’s a silly story of a family who can’t get a jar of gefilte fish open. Seems to me you’d want to keep it that way, since GF is definitely an, um, acquired taste. But the Seuss-like rhythm and rhyme really make a game of getting the jar to give up its goods.

The illustrations by Renee Andriani are cartoonish but fun, and most importantly this book will broaden young children’s cultural vista with its Yiddish terms and Jewish customs woven through. Pre-readers (the book is targeted for children 2-8) will love learning the rhymes, and there’s a two-page illustrated list of Yiddish terms with a pronunciation guide for kids to have fun with. (One of those words is “challah,” which is what I’m sticking with this holiday season.)

A Gefilte Fishy Tale is 52 pages long, and was published by MB Publishing in August.



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