Attention illustrators: you can help raise money to fund a library in Ethiopia

Evan, WEE HOPES founder, reading....

Evan, WEE HOPES founder, reading….

Last week, I attended a dinner fundraiser for the non-profit Ethiopia Reads, which was honoring children’s writer Jane Kurtz (also a co-founder of the non-profit). I met the most amazing 11 year old there, who is single-handedly (with his mother’s help, of course) trying to raise enough money ($15,000) to start a library in northern Ethiopia. I’m going to let him speak for himself (see below). Illustrators! Artists! Can you get inspired, draw or paint something to donate for his art show, and help start a library in Ethiopia?

J.L. Powers


My name is Evan, and I am a 11 year old boy and I have a sister named Zoe, who is 8 years old. I love reading because it can take me places and allows me to travel in time. Through reading, I’ve fought against French soldiers during a revolution. I have also had adventures in a flying car. These are just a few of the many places I have and things I have done.

My sister and I are trying to help plant a library in Gondar, Ethiopia. It will help children in Ethiopia travel and have the same experience through reading. We will be holding an art show and auction to help raise part of this money, which will be sponsored by Umpqua Bank. I was wondering if you could help me by donating artwork that will be shown and auctioned. The theme is a scene from your favorite book. The name of the art gallery is 10,000 Journeys. If you want, I can send you a list of suggestions of books. The showing will be at the downtown San Jose Umpqua Bank, and at the Portland Umpqua Bank. The auction will be held online. The showing will be in mid June, and the deadline for artwork is end of May.

For the last few years I have been holding fundraisers for my birthday, and it is only because a lot of people have helped me I have been able to help other kids. If you could help, that would be great, and if you know others who might be interested, please spread the word.

Our website is

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Here is the link for Ethiopia Reads:

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  1. July 12, 2014 at 9:00 pm

    From Evan’s Dad – thank you for getting the word out! Just one week to the gallery opening. You can preview the artwork here:

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