Families Around the World


Marketed as non-fiction, Families Around the World is based on real families interviewed by author Margriet Ruurs, and told in the first person by a child in that family. Each geographical family gets a two-page spread in which colorful illustrations (Jessica Rae Gordon using acrylic, paper, pencil, crayon and ink, according to the book’s jacket) reveal cultural components such as fashion, hair styles, architecture, and the natural environment. There is a greeting from each new family in its native language. It’s easy to label the book as “educational” or “multi-cultural,” but what I found most important is how it  defies misconceptions readers (of any age) may have about cultures they have only a vague knowledge of.

Families Around the World is published by Kids Can Press and is aimed at readers 3 to7. It has 40 pages.

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