Moo by Sharon Creech


By Sharon Creech


After twelve year old protagonist, Reena’s parents both lose their jobs in New York City, she and younger brother, Luke, can’t believe their family’s so-called flight plan: they will move to a small town in Maine where their future will be full of days at beautiful beaches, plus lots of blueberries and lobsters. Once there, they rent a house and shortly after are introduced to the crabby old neighbor woman, Mrs. Falala. She speaks with a strange accent, has neither people skills nor patience, but owns many unique pets: Paulie, the nervous hog, China, the fat cat, Crockett, the noisy parrot, Edna, the elusive long black snake, and any number of seagulls that perch daily on her roof. Mom thinks Mrs. Falala is delightful and volunteers the children to help on the farm, much to Reena and Luke’s dismay. Their main responsibility is to care for her most difficult animal, Zora, the ornery cow. They quickly discover that real cows are enormous, slobbery, contrary, and LOUD!


Over time Reena and Luke learn how kindness can work wonders with both a difficult elder and a stubborn cow. Creech’s humor, sensitivity, and playful use of fonts will appeal to most readers, particularly any reluctant readers.

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