Best Frints in the Whole Universe by Antoinette Portis

Best Frints in the Whole Universebest-frints

By Antoinette Portis


Best frints, Yelfred and Omek, live on an obscure and distant planet, Boborp. They have been frints ever since they were little blobbies. Yelfred and Omek do everything together: from playing eye ball in the peedle pit to sharing yummy yunch foods. However, on Planet Boborb teef are long and tempers are short, sometimes even with best frints. After Yelfred gets a spossip, the best blurfday present in the whole universe, but refuses to share, Omek takes matters into her–or his–own hands. Will their frintship be shmackled or will the two find a way to soothe their hard feelings?


Portis’ inventive language, play with words, as well as the silly world of Boborp should not only spark readers’ imaginations, but will be a natural way to discuss how to share, how to disagree, and how to be and keep a good frint.

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