GROUNDWOOD BOOKS a publisher to know

Groundwood Books celebrate diversity. In the words of Sheila Barry, Publisher, their commitment is to publish “the most exciting Canadian voices we can find. Whether it’s a picture book from Nunavut in the Arctic or a Carnival story about a new Canadian from the Caribbean ….” Groundwood publishes all things Canadian, and beyond – from First Nation people to refugees, children caught in the terror of war, and both the grief and gifts of new immigrants. Themes are universal. Stories are specific. Voices are authentic. Here at The Pirate Tree we consistently choose Groundwood books to review, to say “take notice, these are powerful, important stories.”

Regarding immigration and refugee stories, several of my favorites are TWO WHITE RABBITS, reviewed here last year, MIGRANT, and both MALAIKA’S COSTUME and MALAIKA’S WINTER CARNIVAL.

THE BREADWINNER TRILOGY and also CHILDREN OF WAR by Deborah Ellis are some of the most powerful and poignant books about the courage of Afghan children.   The Breadwinner Trilogy has been made into a graphic novel and just recently, an animated movie. Deborah Ellis’s books – fiction and nonfiction – give voice to children and teens caught in war or fleeing from war. Deborah Ellis is a master story-teller who has received the highest literary awards given in Canada. She has donated more than $1 million in royalties to organizations such as Women for Women in Afghanistan, UNICEF, and Street Kids International.

GROUNDWOOD BOOKS is a treasure trove of editors, authors, and illustrators whose stories speak to the hearts of readers with poignancy, authenticity, and power. Take a look at

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